From the President

The Locust Valley School Employees Association  (LVSEA) is comprised of three separate chapters: Teachers, School Related Personnel and the Clerical unit.  We are united in providing a safe and nurturing environment for the students of Locust Valley Central Schools. There are over 450 members in our union each working diligently to secure the success of our students and each other.


We are members of the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), our parent union, and the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), their parent union.  These affiliations provide us with many more resources and supports to allow us the time to focus on our craft and the students by protecting our rights and speaking for us in New York State and at the federal level.  They, also, provide classes, articles and forums for you to develop your craft and your knowledge base.


Please make sure that you have a copy of your most recent contract and that you have read it. Sometimes people miss out on benefits and rights when they are not informed.


The LVSEA logo shows a ‘Locust’ tree with the words “Pride Commitment Unity” underneath it. "Pride Commitment and Unity" are our values as a group. “Pride” represents how we feel about our jobs as educators. “Commitment” represents how we feel about our responsibility to our students. “Unity” represents how we will act as one in our commitment to ensure that pride.  We are proud of our work, committed to our students and public education, and united as a group for the safety and rights of all in our schools. We wear our union shirts on Tuesdays to show our strength as a group.  


We are a service organization and we need to hear from you to be at our best. We are in constant contact with each other addressing various issues brought to us by our members. If you have questions or concerns, please address them with someone from the list below.  

LVSEA Building Representatives and Officers:


AMP - Kim Herlich

BP- Nicole Cusano

BI- Christine Arthur

LVI- Josephine Rothstein

LVHS- Antonella Angelo and Joseph Enea

LVMS- Michele Gaglione and Penelope McElwain

E.D. 19 representatives- Romy Bennett and Shari Zindman

Clerical Chapter Chair- Angela Casalino

SRP Chapter Chair- Sandra Bathie

Membership Secretary- Pamela Loher

Treasurer- Christopher Schmid

Vice President, Elementary- Carlyn Gordon

Vice President, Secondary- Joseph Harrison

President- Gabrielle Harrington


Other, non voting, representatives or service roles are as follows:


Political Action/ Social Rep- Courtney McKay

New Member Union Mentor Coordinator- Nicole Cusano

ZOHO Coordinator- Kristen SanFilippo

Social Media Rep- AnnMarie Buonaspina

TRACT Rep- Shari Zindman



We are very proud of our members.  We are a diligent, professional group.  


I am thankful and honored to work alongside all of you as we face the challenges of the future, together. 


In unity,



Gabrielle Harrington

President, LVSEA